March 30, 2011

kempton antiques market

I spent yesterday morning at Kempton antiques market, in Sunbury. It was well worth the early start and drive out of London! There were so many stalls selling so many different items - china & glass, books, linen and crochet, jewellery, clothes and bags. There was so much furniture I thought I was going to hyperventilate! There were lovely chairs, sideboards, tables and so many different storage options. When I asked about prices, I didn't think they were too bad (not cheap but not prohibitively expensive either). For sheer variety, it is definitely worth a visit.

I came home with a fab atomic sewing box (from the 50s I think), and a couple of really interesting 70s Canadian children's books from Brunswick Press. I haven't seen them before and a google search didn't offer up any info either. The illustrations are great - so vivid!

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