June 09, 2011

homemade strawberry jam

It's ages since I made jam (blackberry in August), so as all of the English strawberries are 1/2 price in the shops, I made my 1st lot of strawberry jam last week. I used a recipe from River Cottage preserves handbook, which was easy to follow. The jam is full-flavoured and sweet, but not too sweet!

Makes 4-5 x 340g jars:
1kg strawberries, hulled and large ones halved
500g granulated sugar
450g jam sugar with added pectin
150ml lemon juice (about 4 lemons)

Put 200g of the strawberries into a large pan with 200g of the granulated sugar and crush to a pulp with a potato masher. Place on a gentle heat. When the mixture is warm, add the rest of the strawberries. Gently bring to simmering point, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the remaining granulated sugar and the jam sugar. Stir gently. Add the lemon juice once the sugar is dissolved. Increase the heat, and once it reaches a full boil, boil rapidly for 8-9 minutes. Test for setting point (104 degrees centigrade).

Remove from the heat and transfer to sterilised jars. Use within 12 months.

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