November 20, 2011

stir up sunday...

I love the traditions of Christmas! Today is stir-up Sunday, the traditional day to make your Christmas pudding. I started mine yesterday by soaking the ingredients overnight, and then mixed in the flour and cooked it today.

I cooked mine in my slow cooker, which is much easier than steaming it on the hob as you don't need to top up the water and the kitchen won't fill with steam. I put the bowl into the slow cooker, filled it two thirds with boiling water and cooked it for 8 hours on high.

I used Delia's recipe, substituting the mixed peel for more sultanas/currants and the barley wine and stout for guinness, along with a vegetarian suet. I made it last year and it was so much better than a shop bought pudding, and so easy to make!

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