December 21, 2011


The Christmas tree is up, and even the poor olive tree has been decorated!

At the weekend I printed out and made the cutest DIY nativity set, designed by Marloes de Vries. I just love the shepherd with the sheep - amazing! I printed onto card as I figured they would last better when packed away, and used double sided tape to stick them together.

Yesterday I won a sewing machine for my Folksy finds. You can see my picks here, I think they'll also be on the Folksy front page on Friday. What an amazing and unexpected Christmas present!

I'm almost done with the littlenestbox orders I have left to post, so this afternoon I made gingerbread buttons and mug toppers (is that what they're called?), using this recipe. Great fun!


  1. Wow a sewing machine! Lucky you, mine has just broken and I feel weird not having one, suddenly I have lots of sewing too do! Always the way. I love those printable nativity characters... eek it's so exciting it's nearly here! xx

  2. I know, amazing! Thrilled is an understatement :) Oh no, I hope you manage to find a replacement soon, I hate it when that happens! xx


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