March 22, 2012

sunshine award!

Thanks to Jen, who sweetly sent me a sunshine award... here are my answers!

Colour - I guess I love that really bright blue I associate with sunny skies in Cornwall.

Animal - ah, I love animals. This is my hamster Pumpkin, he is pretty amazing:

Non-alcoholic drink - tea please... with a little milk and with the bag just introduced to the cup and whipped away quickly... I am quite fussy about tea actually!

Facebook or twitter - facebook

Getting or giving presents - I love choosing presents and I really like wrapping :)

Flower - daisies, who doesn't love a daisy chain!

Pattern - anything geometric

Passion - I really enjoy taking photographs, but I LOVE baking and cooking generally so probably that.

Number - 32 (my current age), not a bad year so far!

I am passing a little ray of sunshine on to:

If you would like to take part, just answer the questions above and forward the sunshine award on to 5 more bloggers!


  1. Ooh that has made my Thursday! Thanks so much Charmaine! xxx

    1. you're welcome, looking forward to seeing your answers! x

  2. Thank you very much Charmaine!
    It's always good to start the day with a bit of sunshine!

    [hugs], k.

    1. you're welcome :) your blog is gorgeous, one of my favourites x

  3. I've only just realised that I am not following your lovely blog - WTF?! When I follow everything else you do (bit of a stalker me!) ;-) xx

  4. ooh thank you charmaine, haven't been tagged for ages, so i'm up for it. you have too much loveliness over here, i have to leave before i stay here all day ;-) x

    1. you're welcome :) I wasn't sure if you had already been tagged, hope you don't mind doing it again! and thank you very much for saying such lovely things... though to be fair I did post a picture of the hamster! x


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