March 13, 2012

surrounded by colour!

Today I have been surrounded by colour, which is no bad thing!

Pom pom mobiles have been very popular in the shop recently, so this afternoon I have a table full of my handmade pom poms ready to assemble into mobiles tomorrow.

I also just added a new triangle garland to the shop.

After quite a grey day, the sun is now shining though the window, and across the living room. Perfect!


  1. Charmaine, that is just lovely! Can I repost this on Little Birdie? x

  2. Hi Jen, Thank you! Yes of course x

  3. Just saw your link on Jen's site, great blog looking forward to following.

  4. Hi Tracey, thank you and welcome! x

  5. These are fab Charmaine. Brought some geometric sunshine to my day!

  6. I hopped over from Jen at Little the triangle garland, it's fabulous and I want it! Off to have a nose around!


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