April 26, 2012

oh the sweetest thing

Hello! I hope you're all well!

I have been silly busy this past couple of weeks. I am still planning the wedding - of course ;-) ... I have also been very busy with a new venture.

I would like to introduce you to my new wedding decor shop, oh the sweetest thing!

I have been wanting to do this for a while, but as I started to plan my wedding, I found it wasn't as easy as I thought to find those special details. I think there is a gap for individual and pretty wedding decor and accessories.

In the shop, you will find handmade confetti and ring pillows. To come, there will be curated vintage pieces to add that special touch, garlands and more individual and pretty wedding decor. It really is exciting to be starting this new adventure!

I'm still very much focusing on littlenestbox too. The business is going from strength to strength, and I love the products I make. How exciting it is, I think, to send my little nursery mobiles and cloud pillows all across the world to their new homes!

And as far as my own wedding plans... I think I'm on wedding dress version 9 now.... I still need to decide on shoes and jewellery... we need to decide what kind of cake we would like... we did get the invitations out though, small mercy! I will take a photo of the invitation and post it later this week.

I hope you like the new shop. Take a look let me know if you have any feedback (your favourite item, other items you would like to see etc). I would really love to hear it!

And if you know someone who is getting married, do point them in my direction!



  1. Me too! Love the vintage fabrics, so sweet! Just popped by the shop and saw you had a sale already! Yey! X

  2. Hi Charmaine! What a lovely idea and I'm so glad that littlenestbox is doing well too. Good luck with all your own wedding bits and pieces. x

  3. Hi Jen! thank you! and yes, not long now :-)

  4. hello! congratulations on the wedding, very exciting. i'm sure it will be gorgeous if your shop is anything to go buy. and i love your little miles davis vimeo over there. perfect soundtrack! x

    1. Hi Fran, thank you! yes, love a bit of Miles Davis :-) x


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