May 24, 2012

hello, sunshine!

Today was another lovely sunny day in London. Yesterday was really hot and I had lots of orders to make so I couldn't really take any time outside to enjoy it.

Today I had more orders to make, but I spent a few minutes outside after hanging the washing out, taking photos of the daisies and general sunniness! I discovered a really hairy leaf, and admired a fig tree in the garden next to ours.

I picked some daisies and buttercups to bring inside. The buttercups have all closed ready for the night!

After the post office run tomorrow, I'm planing to hang out in the 'garden' with a book, and if the internet connection still works out there, the laptop too! When I say garden it really is just a car parking area with a few bits of grass, but hopefully it'll be sunny and I'll have it to myself!


  1. love the photo's need to go do the same!

  2. Enjoy the sunshine - it is a proper wintery day here with grey skies and lots of rain! x

    1. thanks Col! hmm, that weather you're describing sounds a lot like the UK! x


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