July 10, 2012

back from hols

Hello lovely people!

We're just back from a 2 week break in Cornwall. It was awesome and I loved every minute, even though the weather didn't really play along. I tried to keep up with blogs, but it's no fun trying to load them on your phone in the depths of the Cornish countryside. And as for commenting, well forget it!

My shop reopened on Saturday and I've had an influx of orders, so they'll be shipped tomorrow. Back to business! I also had a very exciting delivery today, a shiny new A3 printer. It literally is the size of a small fridge... where will it go?! I've been working on some littlenestbox prints over the past few weeks, so I'll be posting about those shortly!

I've watched this video by vkgoeswild a couple of times over the weekend and really love it. She has so much skill, just crazy! You can find more of her marvellous videos here.


  1. Hello, good to have you back! My sister and my in-laws were both recently in Cornwall (not together - although they did bump into each other in the Eden project!), and the weather was "challenging" to say the least. If it makes you feel any better i think it's rained all over the country. I love Cornwall, especially Fowey. So pretty.

    I'm intrigued by your big piece of kit and what you make with it, dying to see some prints. x

  2. thank you! It's a shame but yes, I think it was raining pretty much everywhere. Last year we had the most amazing heat wave, so it evens out I think. We've been going for the past 7 years, so we're very acquainted with hoods and jackets! Fowey is lovely, we didn't get there this year but it is very pretty. Hehehe, I need to get on with it as the 'piece of kit' is currently on the kitchen floor in the way! x

  3. Glad you had a great time despite the weather. New printer sounds very exciting, look forward to seeing your prints. xx

    1. I think Cornwall is lovely despite the weather! Yes, working on some now so not long now!


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