July 19, 2012

Cornwall - part two

The Cornish beaches were still beautiful despite the lack of sunshine. These photos were taken at Chapel Porth, one of my favourites. The beach is pretty quiet even on the sunniest days, but when we visited it was pretty much empty. The cafe at the top of the beach is famous for it's 'hedgehog' ice creams - ice-cream rolled in clotted cream and then hazelnuts. It wasn't quite warm enough for that when we were there, but having had one before I can tell you they are worth investigating!

The tide was high and the fog was coming in when we visited St. Ives. I loved how eerie the boats looked floating on the water.

We visited the Alex Katz exhibition at Tate St. Ives. I really loved the simplicity and colour in his paintings. There was a school trip there when we visited so it was a bit manic, but I can highly recommend it! I also loved the view of the town from the cafe, over all of the brown and grey rooftops towards Godrevy lighthouse.


  1. Even in the fog St Ives looks beautiful. I've never been there but would love to go - something tells me I would love it! x

    1. Quite liked the fog actually! Yes you should go if you get the chance, it's a nice place to be! x

  2. Looks beautiful Charmaine. Wish I was there! x

  3. I'd love to visit St Ives sometime... Lovely photos! x


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