August 09, 2012

ikea love - black and white

I've been drawn to black and white interiors recently. It could have something to do with the stream of pretty images on instagram, and also my slight obsession with Marimekko Rasymatto. I've been pinning lots to my black and white pinterest board.

I think this lamp is my favourite, I really like the modern lines and I think it will work well in the bedroom.

I am hankering after these shelves, I think they will fit in well with the string sets we have, and you can never have enough storage!

I like the graphic look of this throw.

I bought a few of these glass mugs too, I thought they looked sharp in black. Good old ikea eh!


  1. Love the lamps, I saw them a little while back and their shape and design is just brilliant x

  2. I've had my eye on those shelves and that throw for a while! And now I want that lamp!!!! x

  3. I really like that glass mug, such a classic shape and really unusual in black. x


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