September 14, 2012

lovely finds - sarjaton by iittala

Wow, I love this! A new collection from Iittala called Sarjaton, meaning 'without series', a sort of mix and match approach. Such great colours and designs. Available here. Styled photos by Pia Ulin.

I'm having a little giveaway next week to celebrate reaching 300 sales on Etsy. Check back on Monday for details!


  1. So beautiful, I love their products. I use their Kartio glass tumblers every day.

    I like the arrow design on the plate above. It reminds me of fir trees for some reason! x

    1. yes they have so many lovely things, I like the arrow design too :) x

  2. The arrow design is lovely! So delicate and pretty. x

  3. Gorgeous, I love the grey. Well done on reaching 300 sales, that's brilliant. I love your new Christmas decorations and heart garlands. xx


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