September 20, 2012

soft autumn and some funny business

I'm slowly coming around to enjoying the onset of autumn. The mornings are chilly but still sunny, and I'm liking the turning of the trees. Here are some of my current etsy favourites, I'm loving all the muted colours. Click here to be taken to the individual items.

I did make the mistake of going out last night with just a jumper though, I was freezing on my way home! We went to see Tim Key's work in progress, and very funny he was too. At the moment he's touring his current show 'Masterslut'. It's a brilliant show involving a bath, highly recommended. Details here.


  1. Nice treasury. I love those muted brown/grey shades, very soothing and nostalgic. Love the crochet boot cuffs the best.

    I went out last night and it was freezing! Autumn has arrived with a bang, the air had that cold smell, do you know what i mean? Love it. x

    1. thanks Gillian! yes those crochet boot cuffs are lovely. It was so cold last night too, yes I know what you mean about the smell. Actually here, I could smell a log burner, though sadly it wasn't coming from our house! :)


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