September 13, 2012

spaces and places

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I've realised that although I am completely obsessed with interiors, I don't really post about them on the blog. Here are some of the inspiring places I am loving right now. I love the use of natural materials, muted tones, soft accents and the feeling of space and light.

Soon, we are planning to put our flat on the market and look for a house... eeeek! The decor in our flat is pretty neutral, with a few vintage pieces dotted around. Partly because we knew we would always be selling it rather than staying here long term, and partly because I think small spaces tend to work better that way. 

I do love a bit of mid-century design though, like our ercol coffee table and our fantastic string shelves. Perhaps when we have a house, we can invest in a wood burning stove... I really fancy curling up with a blanket in front of one during the winter months.


  1. Moving house, how exciting! I hope you find somewhere you like. Beautiful interiors, very clean and simple. I love wood burning stoves and wish we had one every winter instead of the horrid but very convenient fake gas fire we own...

    1. yes I am really looking forward to it. ha! I guess the most important thing is it emits heat :) x


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