October 05, 2012

a new quilting project is underway

Quilt by EschHouseQuilts, via littlenestbox on pinterest. 

Ages ago I made this quilt. For a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with it. I used a recycled batting in the middle and it is surprisingly warm and comforting. It has lived with us on the sofa, and has also accompanied us on our camping trips. But, I don't love the colours in our living room.

I think it's time to start a new quilt. The quilt above is my inspiration. I love the idea of simplified houses, so I'm going to use solid fabrics and reduce the colour palette to black, grey and white. Obviously, I have no idea how to make these house blocks but hopefully with a bit of fiddling I can figure it out!

I pin so many quilts and textiles to my pinterest board. I also love this quilt by MerMag, so clever to create blocks in the shape of cats. Merrilee has very helpfully included a tutorial if you fancy making it yourself. I think it would be so cute in a smaller version as a baby blanket.

Quilt by MerMag, via littlenestbox on pinterest. 

I also love the colour fade on this quilt by Bonjour Celine, but look how many tiny squares were needed to create it... eek! Well worth it though. Perhaps I can take some inspiration from it for my next quilting project!

Quilt by Bonjour Celine, via littlenestbox on pinterest. 


  1. I love the shades of grey in these quilts. I'm sure you could replicate the colourfade effect in the last quilt with bigger squares.

    I think your first quilt is pretty amazing! I've only made one and it's full of mistakes. Lets just say I learnt a lot from it!

    1. I think you're right about bigger squares, might have to give it a go! Thank you, it was certainly a learning curve! I'm sure your quilt is lovely, there's something very satisfying about making it yourself even if it isn't perfect! x


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