November 21, 2012

this weekend: woodland walks

On Saturday I drove to West London for a Toast sample sale. The prices were so reasonable, so I bought a couple of velvet dresses and a coat. After, we headed to a pub for lunch, and then for a walk along the Thames where I found my dream house.

As we were so close, we took a wander around Richmond Park and collected some leaves. We admired the view of London from one of the hills.

On Sunday we headed up to Hatfield Forest and walked around the pond in search of pinecones, making the most of the late afternoon sun.

How was your weekend?


  1. Gorgeous pictures! And a Toast sample sale? - fabulous. x

  2. thanks Jen! yes they call them Village Sales and they seem to be quite often, they sometimes mention them on twitter or facebook, and occasionally on their website x

  3. Ooh what a lovely weekend of walks, I love Hatfield forest...and how lucky are you with your Toast goodies!x


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