December 18, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Lately things have been getting quite Christmasy around here!

In between making up orders and trips to the post office, I have spent time baking my favourite Christmas treats. I love traditions, and baking is integral to my enjoyment of Christmas.

I've been making mince pies (Nigella's mini star-topped), cake (Delia's classic recipe) and Nigel Slater's stilton puffs... yum!

On Sunday I made Nigel Slater's almond paste to cover the Christmas cake. I made far too much, so had an excess of marzipan on my hands. There are worse problems I know! So after a bit of searching, I finally found a recipe for stollen bites from Dan Lepard. My god they are delicious!

I've also made a few simple decorations, including some hama bead snowflakes. I'm sure many of you have made hama bead decorations, but just incase here is a step by step for a quick diy:

1. arrange the beads in a snowflake pattern on a base board
2. cover with a piece of baking parchment and iron on medium for about a minute
3. sandwich between 2 books so that it sets flat
4. hang from cotton and enjoy!

This is a good source of inspiration for shapes. I have them hanging in each of the windows, I think they look so pretty as they spin! I've also added a few to my gift wrapping.


  1. Pretty hama snowflakes. I made some last year... they are in the loft with the other dec's. I'm hoping to decorate tomorrow (when Ru goes back to school - fingers crossed!) x

  2. Those mince pies look lovely! I'd pinned that stollen recipe to my Christmas pinterest board, but was umming and ahhing about whether I'd have time to make it - I might have to if they're that delicious!

    1. thank you! I love this mince pie recipe, I've been making them for ages now and they seem pretty foolproof, plus they're bite size - perfect!

      The stollen is lovely. I made a full-size stollen loaf a couple of years ago and found it to be quite dry, these are very moist. Though the recipe makes quite a large amount, I might have to start giving some of them away! x

  3. Wow, you have been busy! Your mince pies look yummy! x

  4. I love your hama bead snowflakes! My daughter got some hama beads for her birthday and she made me a heart only today. Your snowflake it more stylish though (I wont tell her that!).

    The stollen bites look really good. I've never made my own almond paste before. Baking is integral to my Christmas too. And eating. x


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