March 11, 2013

nature in the home

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I'm joining in with Lou's lovely project, nature in the home.

I found these flowers in the supermarket last week, reduced to £3... brilliant! I'd been looking for Ranunculus (the pink ones here) for ages, and finally found some. I love how cheery they look, and that they're still going strong a week later. Given it's snowing at the moment, I need all the Spring inspiration I can get!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the house, it's so nice to read them all x


  1. its great that you can find lovely flower even in the supermarket. Its good to see a bit of spring when it is so freezing cold outside.

  2. Oh Charmaine what a beautiful vase of blooms!!! Love ranunculus such happy flowers! Thank you for joining in xxx

  3. Oh beautiful bouquet. Astonishing colours and they completely lift your mood don't they? x

    1. thanks Jen! yes completely, they make the flat so happy! x

  4. Utterly gorgeous, these are just the shades of pink, green and yellow I adore, they make me so happy! I love ranunculus and tried to grow some a while back but had disdastrous results. I must try again!

    Gillian x


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