April 21, 2013

botanical love: wallpaper

source: finelittleday via littlenestbox on pinterest

Perhaps it is because our weather is starting to improve and Spring is finally here, or perhaps it is because our very own garden seems like it could be a real possibility in the near future.

Whatever the reason, I am currently obsessed with botanicals of all forms.

Recently I've been adding lots of botanical pins to my pinterest board. Oh how I love that Josef Frank wallpaper in the first image. Here are some of my other favourites...

source: totokaelo via littlenestbox on pinterest

source: morris & co via littlenestbox on pinterest

source: morris & co via littlenestbox on pinterest


  1. It would have to be the Josef Frank for me too - such a beautiful room in that first image. x

    1. Yes me too! I've been lusting after it after seeing it on Elisabeth Dunker's instagram ages ago x


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