April 11, 2013

the walled garden

Last weekend we went to Cambridge to visit Wimpole Hall and Farm, one of my favourite NT places. After such cold weather, it was a relief to finally see some sunshine. Look at that... blue skies!

Instead of going inside the house, we headed up through the grounds to the walled garden. This is my favourite spot, sheltered from the wind.
I love this greenhouse, it was designed by Sir John Soane and is massive... I wonder if I can do a smaller version in our garden when we finally move in!

After the walled garden we made our way up to the farm. What with it being lambing season, we couldn't move for lambs and very cute they were too. I had actually forgotten how big the farm area was. As well as lambs we saw chicks, donkeys, cows, sheep and turkeys, many of them rare breeds.

These photos are taken with my iphone and edited with afterlight. Some are from my instagram feed.

I'm sure I heard somewhere that this weekend is going to relatively balmy... surely not?!


  1. It looks like a lot of fun. I like wandering around places like that. I love that shot of all those higgledy-piggledy terracotta pots piled up, just waiting to be planted with lovely things. x

    1. Yes, that greenhouse is amazing, I can't wait until we have a garden to potter about in! x

  2. Hello! Ive finally got round to looking at your wimpole pictures (althugh i commented on the ones on your instagram feed) - I love it there, although we haven't been in about 8 years, when my eldest son was a baby, i don't think it was NT trust then, and it looks like it's had a bit of money spent on it. There used to be a brilliant second hand book shop in one of the old stables, i wonder if that's still there? I'd love to visit it again sometime, I'll have to put it on my 'to do' list! x Nicola

    1. Hi Nicola, lovely to have you here! yes it's one of my favourite NT places although it's not really that close to us (we're in London). We've been going there for about 3 years so not sure what it was like before. There is still a brilliant second hand book shop in the stables! x


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