May 30, 2013

Common cow parsley... so pretty and delicate.

We picked a little from an obliging hedgerow and some buttercups and wild flowers (I'm sure they're weeds) from our back garden too.

Joining in with Lou's nature in the home.


  1. So pretty ..... I love cow parsley and your photos are AMAZING!
    Love jooles xxx

  2. just got back from a run and the cow parsley and buttercups have gone crazy! It was such a show! I adore these together and your photographs are gorgeous xxx

  3. So lovely - I'm so impressed you managed to capture all of that delicate detail in your photos. Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous pictures - I'm finding cow parsley is so fun to photograph. Lou's weekly challlenge is really making me look at our hedgerows and wild flowers with fresh eyes. x

  5. So delicate and pretty - there's so much beauty naturally isn't there. Lovely, lovely photos x

    1. thank you! yes, even the most common plants are marvellous if you look closely aren't they!

  6. really pretty & I love your blog too xx


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