May 24, 2013

weekend junk shopping

Last weekend we scored some great vintage finds, as we worked our way around Hertfordshire in search of elusive treasures.

After car boot sales, charity shops, a vintage emporium and a tiny little sale in a village hall for £1 entry (steady on), I ended up with a pretty pleasing collection.

I love this bevelled frame, I thought it would be perfect for our wedding photo. I also bought a sweet little broderie anglaise top and a beaded bag.

Not shown but also purchased were two large mirrors, gardening tools, a handful of books and two Ercol chairs.

I would have loved to buy this sampler, but it was just a bit too expensive. Isn't is gorgeous though? I loved this arts and crafts dresser too...

I also found some lovely treasures in Rye a few weeks back, including a Hornsea piece I have wanted for ages...

Tomorrow I'm going to the Chelsea flower show... I'm so excited! My mother-in-law found herself with a spare ticket and very kindly asked me to accompany her. I do hope the weather improves for the weekend as it's been raining all week.

I hope you have a lovely weekend x


  1. What amazing finds! I love that little frame and your Hornsea bird. Enjoy Chelsea. X

    1. thanks Jen! yes, hope the weather holds out! x

  2. Lovely finds, oh and enjoy Chelsea, it is suppose to be dry tomorrow, it can't get worse then today!! x

    1. thanks Tracey! yes hope so, today was miserable! x

  3. so envious about chelsea! enjoy xxxx


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