August 31, 2013

Trevone beach

Trevone lies just around the coast from Padstow, located to the south of Trevose Head and to the north of Harlyn Bay.

Far away from the hustle and bustle, and reached by a narrow country lane, this sheltered cove is hidden, quiet and oh so beautiful.

We often sit here in the evening with our fish and chips (Steins of course), looking out to sea. With it's deep blue pools and golden sands, it feels like paradise.

This is the last of my Cornwall series. I have loved writing these posts, I do love Cornwall so. I hope you have enjoyed reading them! You can read more from my Cornwall Series here:

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Trevone beach


  1. The third one down is my favourite, just something about it. I have really enjoyed seeing your Cornwall series and am looking forward to what might come next!

    1. thanks Amy, so kind. Glad you enjoyed reading the series x

  2. Oh as soon as I scrolled down to that top photo I recognised Trevone Bay - it has been our favourite beach for probably about 10 years now, I absolutely love it. we always get one of the little spots to sit in by the rocks, where the kids can create their sand creations among the little pools that form, last year when the tide went out and we walked round the rocks to the other bay, and my 6 year old called it 'his paradise'.
    We had a barbeque on the beach one evening last year and it was so beautiful watching the sun set. I think we might be back there next year! nicola x

    1. oh yes, we must try to walk around the bay at low tide next time we are there, how lovely! x

  3. Yet more gorgeous photos! I spent many happy childhood holidays in Cornwall so it always holds special meaning for me. I'd like to go more often but it's just so far from Leeds. x

  4. Hello Charmaine!
    These photos are stunning!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. I hope you'll come visit and accept it! :)



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