November 13, 2013

a simple winter garden posy

I awoke early this morning and knowing the ground would be frosty and the sun low, I headed into the garden to take some photographs (more of that tomorrow).

While there I gathered some cuttings... lavender stems, seed heads, a solitary rose hip and a couple of shrub roses.

Back in the warmth of the kitchen, I arranged my cuttings into a simple posy and tied the stems with red thread.

I've displayed the posy over the handle of our living room door, where the soft winter colours contrast against the white. The scent from the lavender is heavenly and I love the simplicity of the result.

Joining in with Lou's 'nature in the home'.


  1. I love this - so simple and natural yet so very effective *happy sigh* x

  2. Absolutely stunning. So simple and beautiful. I want it on my door. x

  3. It's a true nature's beauty posy, the simplicity makes it all the more stunning x Penny

  4. Simple and effective and from the garden. Score!

    Leanne xx

  5. Wow this is so beautiful, I love it! xx

  6. Your posy is so beautiful Charmaine, your photos look like they should be in a posh interiors magazine, so beautiful. xx

    1. ah, that is very very kind of you to say! thank you Amy x

  7. Perfectly pretty ... I love it too ... Bee xx

  8. Swoon. Love this, I'd never have thought just.a few stems could be so beautiful. I'm going to try a similar posy. thanks x

  9. I'm more than a little jealous of what you found in your garden. I'm sure everything is dead in ours now. But maybe if I actually went and had a look I'd find something pretty like you did. Gorgeous photos. x


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