December 22, 2013

a gift from the garden: our Christmas wreath

Today we made a wreath. I know, I know… 3 days before Christmas.

We wandered into the garden this morning in a foraging mood. Although it initially looked a little unpromising we were surprised to find plenty of interesting textures... so pine and yew springs, hedge cuttings, ivy, seed heads, lavender, berries and weeds were collected and added to the handful of rosehips found on yesterday's walk. Lengths of the climber were twisted into a rough circle and the other bits and pieces were woven into the little gaps. Tea was consumed and 'an american in paris' played in the background.

I love that the entire wreath is gathered from our own winter garden, and there was enough left over to fill a jug, which will decorate the fireplace nicely. Originally destined for the door, I think we'll keep the wreath inside so we can appreciate it a little more.

Belatedly joining in with Lou's 'nature in the home'.


  1. Both wreath and jug are beautiful Charmaine! I hope that your BTM is better after your journey down the stairs the other day. Happy Christmas to you and yours. xx

  2. Looks lovely, especially with the extra's in the jug and best wishes for Christmas too x

  3. Both items are so beautiful very festive and the fact it has come from your garden fills me with such envy. Happy christmas

  4. This is so beautiful and I love that it all came from your garden! Have a wonderful Christmas. xx


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