December 09, 2013

Christmas gift tutorial: gold paper flag garland

We are working hard at renovating our sitting room ready for Christmas and are planning to sand the floor next weekend. As the room is currently in complete disarray, we haven't bought a tree or put our decorations up yet.

In the meantime, a simple gold flag garland will add a little Christmas touch to our fireplace and would also make a cute Christmas gift for a loved one. Full tutorial below...

You'll need:
gold crepe paper
cutting mat and rotary cutter (or scissors)
double sided tape

1. First, you'll need to draw a diamond onto the card. To do this, decide on the height of your flag and then double it. Using a ruler draw a line of this length onto the card. Find the middle point and draw another line across the first (so you have a cross). Measure out either side of the intersection to the desired width of your flag. Join up the points to form a diamond.

2. Cut a piece of crepe paper the same length as the diamond and fold it in half. On one side of the fold make a 'T' with double sided tape. Leave the tape cover on and refold the paper.

3. Place the diamond onto the crepe paper and put the mid point onto the fold. Using the rotary cutter slice around the half diamond. If you are using scissors, hold the middle of the card diamond in place on the fold and cut around it. Open your crepe paper diamond and discard the off cuts.

4. Unwind a good length from the end of the twine roll but don't cut it yet. Take the cover strip off of the tape and lay it underneath the twine (leaving a few inches at the end for hanging). Carefully fold the crepe paper over the twine and onto the other side, forming your flag. Repeat this process and when you reach the desired garland length, cut the twine.


  1. You are so clever Charmaine! I bet that your fireplace looks lovely. Hope that the floor sanding goes well and that you are able to get a tree and decorate for Christmas soon. xx

    1. ah thanks Amy! At the moment the fireplace is covered in a 2nd thick layer of paint stripping paste… the first one worked wonders though, I can finally see some of the detail. I hope so too, I'm approaching the floor sanding this weekend with a great deal of trepidation, I really hope the process goes smoothly! x

  2. I so love these - so sweet. I need to get my Christmas decorating freak on soon before it's too late!

    1. thanks Annie! Yes me too, I am very very jealous of our neighbour's decorations… I feel like I'm letting the side down a bit! Hopefully it will all sort itself out next week :) x


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