December 13, 2013

Christmas tutorial: handmade nature-inspired Christmas cards

I have been feeling a little uninspired by the Christmas card offerings in the shops this year so I decided to make a few cards of my own. I wanted to create a simple nature-inspired design and I've also felt a real affinity for gold this year… perhaps I'm just craving warmth in this draughty, old house!

When putting these cards together, I was inspired by jewellers 'Rust' and their beautiful way of displaying jewellery and also this gorgeous advent calendar by Lou.

You'll need:
a selection of nature-inspired images. I found some great images on this website and the tree scene here.
thick white paper
printer (black and white is fine)
kraft cards and envelopes
gummed paper stars
scissors/craft knife
double sided sticky pads

1. Save the images to your computer and import them into photo editing software (such as iPhoto or photoshop). Play with the contrast and saturation until you're happy with the result. I liked black and white against the kraft card, but muted colours would also work well. Print the images onto the paper.

2. Cut around the shapes using scissors or craft knife. Stick the sticky pads onto the back of your cut out shapes and then press them onto the kraft cards. Embellish the cards and envelopes with the gummed stars.


  1. They look so lovely Charmaine! I like the little bird (robin?) best. I am sure that your friends and family will love to receive these. xx

  2. Lovely job ... these are really stylish :D

  3. These are really nice. I like the brown card and black and white images - it's a very muted, classy Christmas card but still festive too. x

    1. thanks Gillian, they were a cinch to make and cheap too! :) x


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