February 28, 2014

this weekend...

images via my instagram

Ah… it's finally Friday, and tomorrow we'll have reached March… hooray! I'm seriously yearning for some warmer weather and sunshine.

This weekend we'll be DIY-ing (again)… This old house really is a big project. We swing from one job to the next, barely taking breath.

This weekend we're hoping to finish a few little jobs in our sitting room:

* we started the alcove shelving last weekend… we bought some old scaffold boards from the local reclaim centre and plan to sand them back and install them in as bookshelves. Currently all of our books are sitting in the kitchen, so the sooner this is done the better!

* prep and paint the skirting boards… they are covered in layers of poorly applied old paint (ahem) and also scratches from when we sanded the floorboards. They'll look so much better sanded back and painted bright white.

* remove the yucky old 'chandelier' light and replace it with a new ceiling rose, flex and the lampshade we made last week.

I'll report back on our progress next week! Have a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned.


  1. Busy weekend for you then! Hope all the plans go smoothly x

  2. Ooo hope it goes week - we must be aligned by the moons or some jazz like that as we've been doing exactly that here this weekend too!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how your lampshade turned out. I was looking at those kits online recently and wondering how easy (or otherwise!) they are to use. x


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