March 05, 2014

International Women's Day: an inspirational woman

Saturday 8th March is International Women's Day. After reading Annie's post about an inspirational woman in her life, I decided to write here about my own Mum.

My Mum (Ann) is a wonderful woman… she is kind-hearted and generous with a very sunny disposition. She always puts others first and is a never-ending source of support and advice. She makes me hoot with laughter on a daily basis with her Bristolian accent, her imaginative food combinations and her hilarious informative text messages:

"I'm sat on the coach, though someone is in my front seat. it's ok… I'll sit here in the seat behind"

"f.y.i… BBC4 Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home tonight at 9 xx" (we had just bought a Victorian house - thanks Mum)

"Yesterday we were invited to the campsite social gathering in Catherine's chalet. Being nosey, I hoped to see the inside of the residence but it was held in the guest section"

"Hi, it's twelfth night on 5th January so decorations down today… I checked on the internet"

My childhood was really wonderful… innocent, full of fun and laughter. We spent glorious summer holidays on the sandy beaches of Dorset and Devon. At home we baked cakes and spent hours drawing, crafting, sewing or playing outside. Mum took me to endless ballet lessons and performances.

Sadly my beloved Daddy died from cancer when I was only 10. It was very hard for me of course, but it must have been so incredibly difficult for Mum to deal with such a loss. She coped so well. As a single parent she worked two jobs to support us both, and when I was a teenager she re-sat her GCSEs so that she could apply for a better job. She has sacrificed so much to make my life better.

I moved to London at 19 and although Mum still lives in Bristol, we speak on the phone every week and we visit each other often. It's so lovely to go shopping with her, grab a coffee or visit gardens and houses together. This summer we've managed to score 2 tickets to Wimbledon… we're both so excited and I really can't wait!

p.s. I love the top photo so much… Mum & Dad on their wedding day, in 1969.

So this is the woman who inspires me… who inspires you?

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  1. Such beautiful words and photos - you mum sounds like a very strong and inspiring woman - and I totally get the same thign with my mum and texts 'ONLY SHE ONLY TEXTS ME IN CAPS LOCK SO IT ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE SHES SHOUTING AT ME'

  2. What a gorgeous post ... your Mum sounds wonderful and funnily a lot like mine ... I get crazy texts all the time and also random answerphone messages which consist of Mum just saying 'It's me!' ... Bee xx

  3. Lovely post Charmaine. Your mom sunds wonderful! x

  4. What a great post, your Mum sounds fantastic.

  5. I love the bottom photo you can see the love and admiration in your face x


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