April 22, 2014

a sunny afternoon in Whitstable...

We spent a sunny Saturday afternoon in the nearby-ish harbour town of Whitstable, Kent.

Whitstable is a nice place to spend a few hours. The bustling high street is full of independent shops and charity shops, there was even a tiny brocante being held in the village hall.

It seemed everyone else had swarmed into the tiny town too, so we bought some fish and chips and escaped to the relative peace of the pebble beach. We found a bench suitably placed with a view out to sea and were even left alone by the resident seagulls. I'm always amazed by the huge piles of oyster shells decorating the shore, the local restaurants must sell thousands!

This was Mollie's first visit to the seaside and she wasn't overly keen… she couldn't quite get the hang of walking along the pebble beach, and she really wasn't that fond of the icy sea either!


  1. What a gorgeous place. I've never visited, but the buildings are lovely.
    Leanne xx

    1. it is lovely… lots of weatherboard cottages and traditional shops x

  2. Whitstable looks amazing ... I would love to visit ... someday, someday ... Bee xx

    1. thanks Bee, yes well worth a visit, especially when the sun is shining! x

  3. Oh, what absolutely stunning photos! Whitstable looks like such a lovely place!
    I recently found your blog, and have truly enjoyed reading your archives. Your photos are wonderful!

  4. I've heard so many people talking about visiting Whitstable recently -
    seems to be the 'place to go' of the moment!
    Your photos have made my mind up -
    I must join the others and take a trip there soon!!
    Emma x.


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