April 11, 2014

this weekend...

image from pinterest

Thank goodness it's Friday… and with Easter we have a couple of 4 day weeks ahead of us… hurrah!

I didn't set out for this to become a gardening blog, though it seems to be the only thing I manage to write about at the moment! I suppose with the arrival of Spring I've realised that I need to get a move on and start planting otherwise the window of opportunity will be lost. The house has taken something of a back seat, though we still have so many jobs left.

This weekend, I'm hoping to:

* finish the raised beds we started last weekend… we need to move them into position and secure them with stakes, dig over the earth and then start planting. The potatoes are chitting on the kitchen table as I write so I think they are ready.

* start planning the office/workshop for the end of the garden… I'm super excited about this project but as we are building it ourselves it will need some planning!

* hunt down some strawberry plants… I didn't realise how behind I was with this, oops! Let's hope they still produce fruit if I plant them this weekend!

* install the new radiators upstairs… we put the new radiators in the sitting room ages ago and the upstairs ones have been sitting in the kitchen for months.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans x


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with all of your plans and that you get lots done! xx

  2. Gorgeous shot - I'll be round with Pimms in ten! Seriously though - have a lovely and productive weekend x

    1. isn't it lovely, this is my ideal garden I think! x


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