May 07, 2014

to the sea...

With the promise of warm weather and sunshine, we woke up super early on Saturday morning, packed the car and drove down to Dorset for a weekend of camping. I'm always drawn towards the sea when the sun shines, it must be a throwback to all those coastal holidays I went on as a child.

We stayed in a campsite close to Studland. Our favourite one doesn't open until July, so we tried a new one this weekend. It was lovely, the quiet only punctuated by children playing or the swanage railway puffing past us. The temperature really dropped overnight and it was so very cold in the tent, despite the copious blankets we had packed. In the morning we were woken by the dawn chorus, it sounded as if there were hundreds of birds above us, merrily singing along with the sunrise.

On Sunday we headed along the coast to Burton Bradstock. The beach here is home to the famous Hive Cafe and I'll definitely be going back there for lunch as the menu looked delicious! We wandered down towards the sea and sat on the pebbles, breathing in the sea air, watching the sunlight dance over the waves and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Although I am not a camper, I am a great fan of the coast and of Dorset so I can see why you were drawn there when you had the chance go. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Your pictures are beautiful, especially the ones of the sea coming in - or going out!. Glad you had a getaway! xx

    1. I love the coast, especially Dorset and Cornwall… I have so many happy memories of going there when I was a child x

  2. We always try and answer the siren call of the sea too ... so many childhood memories ... I love the sun sparking on the water ... your photos are beautiful ... Bee xx

  3. Ah what lovely photos, the sea and sand look so sparkly. You can't beat a little trip to the beach.

  4. Oh Charmaine, just breathtakingly beautiful photos! You caught the sparkle of sun on the sand and water perfectly. It sounds like a really lovely weekend. x


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