June 20, 2014

and breathe…

photo from here

This weekend I'll be taking the opportunity to slow down and just breathe… this past week has been pretty stressful.

We've been trying to arrange for resident's parking after the council proposed parking restrictions on our road… hopefully we've found a resolution now!

But now we can breathe… Chris is back from his work trip and we have the weekend stretching out in front of us.

Have a good one, whatever your plans!


  1. I hope that this week is less stressful for you and that you can indeed have a relaxing weekend. xx

  2. That is a breathtaking photo. I love the sparkle of the light on the water. I hope this weekend offers some much needed down time for you both. x

  3. I love that photo! I hope life is bit more relaxing and that you've had your parking permit approved. x


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