June 14, 2014

diy baby... the hand-stitched circle quilt

Since finding out that I'm pregnant, I've been gathering ideas for crafty baby projects and I'm pleased to share the first finished one with you here!

I pinned a sashiko quilting pattern on pinterest a while ago, and it's been at the back of my mind, waiting for the perfect project. I love the simplicity of the interlocking circles but there are rather a lot of stitches and I thought it would be too much work for a full-sized quilt... but the ideal thing to try out in miniature, perfect for a baby quilt.

I selected a Claire-Aude Liberty tana lawn from my stash and a mid grey fabric. I used a ramekin to mark out circles on the grey fabric using a fabric pencil and then basted the three layers of front, wadding and back together.

I found a hand quilting thimble which made making the tiny stitches so much easier. I made some binding using pieces of the backing material joined together in strips and machine-stitched it to the front of the quilt. Finally I pinned and hand-stitched the binding to the back.

I love the slow, therapeutic process of making a quilt, seeing it gradually come together over several days. I probably spent three weeks of evenings hand-quilting in front of the tv, so it really didn't take too long.

I currently have a very simple knitted blanket and a rather more complicated hand-pieced hexagon quilt on the go, so I'll share those here too once they're finished!


  1. Erm, wow! That is so beautiful and the sort of thing that would probably take me years to finish, even if I used a machine. Am seriously amazed that you did it in just three weeks *by hand*!

    Utterly stunning.

    1. thanks so much Sabrina! it's surprising actually how quick hand-quilting can be once you get into a rhythm! x

  2. Beautiful! Such a wonderful time for labours of love xx

  3. You have the skills Charmaine! This is just stunning x

  4. Simply stunning ... I love it ... Bee xx

  5. I think I love everything about this quilt; the colours, the fabric, the pattern, all of it. It really is stunning, something to treasure for years to come. xx


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