September 25, 2014

a late summer harvest

It's been a bit on the chilly side here recently… plenty of sunshine still, but tempered by just the hint of an autumn breeze.

The cut flower bed is packed full of blooms even now, the dahlias, cosmos and sweet peas really have been stunning. I haven't needed (or wanted) to buy a bunch of supermarket flowers for months!

We've harvested the last of the carrots but the runner bean and tomato plants just keep producing, almost faster than we can eat them! We've started to pull up the beetroot and potatoes too. It appears we've also managed to grow sweetcorn and garlic, though we haven't harvested them so I can't attest to any kind of success there just yet!

Joining in with Annie's 'how does your garden grow'


  1. A great harvest for you especially as it is your first year for your garden and with everything else that you have had going on in your lives this year with the birth of your dear daughter. I hope that next year is even better in every way. xx

  2. What gorgeous rich photographs! All my favourite colours of autumn! My cosmos are also still bobbing about in the breeze, hope they stick around a little longer!

  3. Beautiful photographs Charmaine! Such a productive garden you have this year, I really need to plant more flowers next year, I keep seeing posts about planting a cut flower garden and wish it was Spring already. Enjoy your veggies - and huge love to you and Lily (well to all of you there), I've been wondering how you are getting on x

  4. Oh your flower garden sounds and looks wonderful. I want one next year! Bee xx

  5. Those dahlias! Wow! I jealous that your garden is still giving you so much colour. Mine's a wasteland, but that's my fault for not watering it since August. I'm letting nature take over... Beautiful. colourful images. x


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