September 24, 2014

simple pleasures

and so at long last, we are together…

tiny clothes in the afternoon sun


sweet little hands

late summer blooms

one proud new papa

… we are so very glad to be home.


  1. So so so pleased for you. What an amazing feeling. Bringing back memories for me. Congratulations x enjoy her now x

  2. Yay!!! All home together. Congratulations and love to you all. xx

  3. Oh so beautiful. I am so delighted for you all! Enjoy every minute together! Bee xx

  4. Oh my gosh, that teeny tiny hand! So gorgeous, and so very happy for you that you're all home together! x

  5. Oh, Charmiane!! I am giddy at this post and the photos of your sweet baby and handsome fella. I've been checking in here lately, hoping you're all doing ok, and am delighted to see two new posts. I hope you're all settling into life as three. Are you getting much sleep? Ha! Stupid question I know.

    Without wanting to sound overly sentimental (but I will anyway). I just want to say, as one mother to another, there is SO MUCH joy waiting for you now as you watch your daughter grow up. xx

    1. Ah, Gillian… it's so lovely to be back here after so many weeks, we are so happy to be home! and no, I'm not getting an awful lot of sleep, though daytime naps are becoming more and more a part of my routine!!

      Thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to it! xx

  6. wow, so much gorgeous, those little cardigans on the line. And Dahlias, so perfect.


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