October 08, 2014

hatfield forest

Hatfield Forest is one of our favourite places to spend an afternoon. It's a short, pretty drive from our home and the surroundings are just so beautiful.

I do love a forest in Autumn, when the leaves start to turn and the sun is lower in the sky, casting a deep golden glow through the trees.

After the obligatory portion of chips and a cup of tea, we walked around the lake and through to the woodland path. Mollie had a lovely time running along the pathway and wagging her tail at each and every person we met, while Lily snuggled under her blanket and slept.

On our way out I stopped and picked as many blackberries as I could find. Autumn just isn't complete without blackberry and apple crumble in my book! I do love this time of year.


  1. I love a forest in autumn. In fact, I just love autumn! Hatfield looks like a beautiful forest. Hope you enjoyed your blackberries. Bee xx

  2. Perfectly Autumnal and calm - so lovely for both baby and you to be out enjoying the fresh air!

  3. I agree, the woods are at their best at this time of year. It sounds like the perfect afternoon. x


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