October 04, 2014

ten weeks...

I'm writing this on a drizzly Saturday afternoon while you are sleeping soundly on daddy's chest.

This week you are ten weeks old, though still one week short of your due date. Since coming home three weeks ago, you have started to fill out a little, sporting slightly chubbier cheeks, hands and thighs.

Your eyes are a deep grey-blue and your hair is fair. You are yet to smile, but you watch us intently, trying to make sense of the world around you. You are not at all keen on nappy changes, and still quite unsure of bath time.

You are content most of the time, but my goodness you make it known when you are hungry. After feeding you fall asleep, murmuring quietly to yourself.

You are so loved.


  1. Oh my gosh Lily, you are just so adorable! x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I do love the intensity with which newborns look around, trying to make some sense of their new worlds.

    1. thanks Jocelyn! They're so fascinating aren't they?! x

  3. Oh she is just perfection Charmaine x

  4. She is beyond adorable. A little beauty! Lovely words. Bee xx


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