November 25, 2014

four months

Lily at four months… much more vocal, alert and quite the chunk.

She is showing such an interest in the world around her and maintains eye contact while we talk and she gurgles back. There are frequent glimpses of smiles now too!

Now over 9lbs and finally fitting into all of her lovely newborn clothes. She is so much stronger than last month; able to hold her position, twist and turn around and push up on her tiny feet. I think this little one may skip crawling altogether and just start running at any moment!

I'm late again with this post, time is just whizzing by!


  1. Lovely. I remember thinking 4 months was a dreamy stage. The turbulence of having a newborn is behind you and things are more settled, like feeding and sleeping, but they are still deliciously cute and baby-like. She's quite beautiful, by the way.

    1. thanks Gillian! Yes I'm not sure whether she is a true reflection of 4 months or not (she's actually only 7 weeks past her due date), so perhaps she's closer to a 2 month old. She is much more settled now though, so perhaps she's somewhere in the middle! x

  2. I agree with Gillian, this is a great stage! And she looks like such a dreamy baby!


  3. I loved this stage too. I love that you're enjoying every moment. My granny told me that those little gurgles and smiles were reward for being a lovely mum. Enjoy it all, Bee xx

  4. yes! It's such a major achievement when we get a smile back! x


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