December 02, 2014

diy baby… Lily's liberty quilt (in progress)

I started a number of baby projects while I was pregnant and one of those was a liberty quilt for Lily. It will be a while until she can use it (I think the guideline is 1 year onwards), so I'm making it toddler sized so she will get plenty of use out of it.

The hexagons are a little larger than my last quilt, so it's quicker to sew together (though it's still taking ages). Each hexagon of fabric is glued to a paper backing and then the hexagons are hand-sewn together to form a quilt top.

I find this kind of sewing really relaxing and I like the fact that the quilt slowly takes shape after several weeks. I'm actually a bit further along than the photos show, but I haven't had much time to photograph it lately!


  1. It will be the most beautiful thing that Lily will have! xx

  2. So beautiful! It makes me want to be a baby again and snuggle up in one. I love how skilled you are at these things Charmaine x

  3. It's so beautiful. I love the colours and fabrics you've chosen. I'm impressed that you've done anything at all with a four month old baby around! x


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