January 23, 2015

six months

I can't quite believe I'm writing this… but, we have a six month old!

Lily is so different from the baby she was a month ago. She is so alert and happy to engage.

She smiles in abundance and has started the slightest of chuckles. She is keen to be heard and squeals at the top of her voice. She takes part in conversations by cooing and gurgling.

She has discovered her hands, which are now more often than not in her mouth. She tests toys by putting them in her mouth too. When we sit her on the sofa, she stretches towards her toys, though can't reach them yet. She has a firm grasp and strong little legs.

She loves taking a bath, though hates to get out and wails as soon as she reaches the towel.  She despises tummy time with a passion and wriggles and screams until she's rescued!


  1. It is amazing how fast babies grow and change isn't it! xx

    1. so fast! I'm glad I'm taking so many photos as time is just whizzing by! x

  2. She is adorable! And I love her mustard yellow 'babygro' ... can I ask where it came from?

  3. 6 months already?! WOW! Where's the time gone...

  4. Gosh, how is she six months already!? She's absolutely beautiful. Like Annie I am loving that mustard babygrow. x


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