March 31, 2015

eight months

I love to look back over these monthly portraits to see how much Lily has changed.

We call the toy in the 1st photo her 'nemebee' (as in nemesis). It's attached to an arc on her moses basket so every time she pulls the bee the whole structure hurtles towards her :-)

At eight months her balance has far improved and she can sit comfortably (though she still needs to rest against something). She reaches for everything now but shows particular interest in phones. We each have a photo of her as a screensaver and her face lights up when she sees herself… ha!

Lily is obsessed with her toes and will put them in her mouth at any opportunity. She's spending more time on her tummy… it isn't her favourite place to be, but she'll put up with it. She can prop herself up on her elbows now too, so crawling and sitting unaided can't be too far away. She's still screeching and it's deafening... the poor dog!

In an effort to play along with the horror that is weaning, I've introduced plenty of new foods this month… pear, avocado (both too slippery for those chubby fingers), broccoli, carrot, yogurt and pasta. I'm not sure how much is actually going in and it is so, so messy... I think the saying is 'food before one is fun' and at least the dog is enjoying the fact that a lot of it ends up on the floor!


  1. Oh so funny, I guess the dog is glad for what falls on the floor to make up for the screeching! She is gorgeous! xx

  2. 8 months - I can barely believe it - it's flown by (I'm sure I said that at 4 or 5 months too!)
    She's just lovely, look at the head holding up control - clever girl x


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