March 09, 2015

seven months

My goodness, time really does feel like it's flying! This post is a couple of weeks late... I managed to take the photographs but finding the time to post here is so difficult! We've spent most of our spare time renovating the spare room/my old office so it can become Lily's nursery… more on that in another post once we're finished.

So this is Lily at seven months. She is now over 13lb and we've just started a mix of baby-led weaning and some purees. So far she has had cheddar cheese (loved) and banana (not that impressed). She definitely understands that she needs to move her hand to her mouth, but her coordination needs some work! She is an active, happy baby and loves playing with Sophie the giraffe and reaching for the shapes in her ikea baby gym.

She is almost sitting independently, she can pretty much stay sat upright on the sofa. She doesn't hate tummy time as much as she did, and has started to make crawling motions and hold her head up. She is so, so, so vocal, screeching at every available opportunity… wow, it's so high pitched! She does let out the occasional giggle now too, but you have to be really good to get one of those!


  1. She has a wonderfully mischievous look in the last picture!! So cute!!! xx

  2. Seven months already! Lily, you are growing so fast! Love those rosy cheeks... x


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