June 24, 2015

DIY | diy baby: tiny clothes for a tiny person

Something extraordinary happened last week. During Lily's morning nap, I had a spare couple of hours. Usually I have orders to make or something in the house that needs sanding, filling or painting.

I've been pinning lots of clothes inspiration to my 'littles' board on pinterest, so I grabbed my fabric stash and started cutting out pattern pieces. I thought I'd start simple and using this pattern, made a couple of pairs of lightweight trousers. The first pair inadvertently turned out to be capri pants because I didn't adjust the length… oops, lucky it's summer!

Buoyed by the trouser success, I figured I could make Lily a dress using this pattern. I did finish it, but it was such a mission! I had sort of forgotten that mini dressmaking was just as complicated as standard dressmaking but also very tiny and very awkward. I'm glad I persevered though, you can see more photos of the dress here.

By the way, the trousers are Liberty Tana Lawn and the dress is Rose & Hubble fabric.


  1. Gorgeous smile there. And what beautiful little pants. Thank you so much for the link to the pattern, I shall be making some of these for my first grandon who is just a few weeks old.

    1. thank you Annie! Great idea, they're a nice easy project x

  2. You have the skills m'lady - skills I say! I love them all - makes me wish I was little !


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