June 22, 2015

ten months

This is Lily at ten months (plus a couple of weeks)… these posts are always late.

This month we've taught her to wave (she waves all the time now), clap and smack her lips. The last one is particularly entertaining I think. She says 'Dada' all the time and 'Da' when she sees Mollie (I think she's trying to say 'dog'). Alas, no 'Mama' yet.

She is on the move too and so close to crawling. Rolling is easy now but the next step is proving more tricky. At the moment she'll lift her bottom and kick her legs but she hasn't quite worked out she has to lift her head at the same time... there are plenty of frustrated squeals as she face-plants into the floor. She is starting to lift herself up from sitting too, uh-oh!


  1. Oh my! The change! I love her little pinafore, little shoes and beaming grin *waves back at Lily*

    1. thanks Annie! yes, she seems to have grown up a bit :) x


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