July 30, 2015

Visit | The Minack Theatre, Cornwall

The Minack Theatre is a magical place, nestled into the granite cliffs and set high above the beach of Porthcurno; a world famous open-air theatre which is the dramatic setting for plays, opera, music and storytelling throughout the year.

We have thoroughly enjoyed performances here in past years, a rain-drenched rendition of The Importance of Being Earnest (great fun nonetheless) and more recently and in better weather, A Woman of No Importance. When the sun has set and the stage is lit, there is something truly wonderful about sitting amongst the cliffs in the darkness, listening to the waves crash below.

The Minack Theatre was born in the early 1930's. Rowena Cade worked with her gardener to create the steep amphitheatre, positioning the audience high above the small stage on seats carved into the rock, many of which now bear the titles of past performances. Much of the structure is made of concrete, the sand collected from Porthcurno beach below.

While Chris and Lily enjoyed the stunning views out to sea from the cafe, I explored the cliff gardens, discovering the huge variety of exotic flowers and plants. This sub-tropical space is home to plants more often seen in South Africa, Mexico or the Canary Islands; so aloes, agaves and bird of paradise jostle with succulents, cacti and other drought tolerant species. In summer, the garden is a true riot of colour and texture.

Huge thanks to The Minack Theatre, who kindly gifted us tickets to the theatre and gardens. As always, views expressed are entirely my own and I would thoroughly recommend visiting this beautiful space and catching a performance too!


The Minack Theatre website
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  1. what an amazing place!!! i must go one day. so many places to go.... so many things to see.....

    1. it really is Claudia and definitely worth seeking out of you travel to these parts x

  2. Ah Cornwall, such a spectacular place. Amazing theatre by the sea like that and the plants they have growing are interesting. I do love looking at coastal flora.

  3. It looks like such a beautiful place, I have dreams to go there - someday! xx

  4. Beautiful! I was so gutted that we didn't visit there when we were in Cornwall. I found out about it after we got back home and have been kicking myself ever since.
    The whole combination of sea air and floral really appeals to me. Love the little pink succulenty alpine one growing on the rocks especially. What a view!
    And what beautiful photos Charmaine - thank you for joining in and sharing again x

  5. What a beautiful place, love those seats in the rocks and how the alpines cling to the rocks #hdygg

  6. This place looks completely magical, just beautiful. I will need to visit when we are in that part of the world

  7. fantastic selection of succulents and I love the Aloe, it's growing so well

  8. Looks fantastic! I saw your photos of this place on Instagram and I think I might have been there, but never down into the actual theatre area. Now I want to go back and look around the lovely gardens. Beautiful photos!

  9. longed to visit, great photos. love the plants - I love Cornwall for all it's wildness and the beauty of the plants, that give it a feel of somewhere a thousands of miles from England.... gorgeous.


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