August 18, 2015

FAMILY | one

Lily stands up at every available opportunity. She pulls herself up using the coffee table, sofa or usually just by grabbing our legs. Once up, she'll grin and let out a little squeal of excitement and pride! She is constantly on the move, which means she'll scuttle to the other end of the bed when you're trying to take her photograph!

She races along the floor on her hands and knees and pivots in a circle. She loves Mollie and will crawl towards her bed, often offering the dog one of her toys (or occasionally she'll be cheeky and take a dog toy for herself). She jigs from left to right if she hears music and she's keen to wave at everybody and everything. She loves to blow raspberries too.

She is constantly curious. I am often found saying 'Lily, no!' as she reaches for handbags, glasses, keys and her current favourite, flowers.  She enjoys her food and will eat almost anything… she still loves banana, avocado and cheese.

This first year with Lily has been an incredible journey. You would never know now that she was eleven weeks early. She is cheeky, chubby, lightning fast and hilarious; a complete joy.


  1. One! Wowsers that's flown by! Lovely photos of here - I love the final one with the smile, gives a real sense of her little character! x

    1. thanks Annie! it really has flown, they grow so fast! x


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