April 29, 2016

INTERIORS | Our Kitchen Renovation Plans

Images by Devol from pinterest


I really love this look... bespoke and handmade with inframe cabinets and aged brass handles... all those little details. Alas our budget won't stretch to Devol or Plain English but I think we've sourced a kitchen with a similar feel and I can't wait for it to be delivered in a few weeks. We've chosen an oatmeal colour for most of the cabinets with a dark blue for the pantry cupboard (which we'll build). I love the marble worktops but we've decided to go with oak to add some warmth to the room.

Our kitchen renovation is a long time in the planning, almost 3 years in fact. The current design is tired, drab, dark and ill thought out. We have a distinct lack of storage and virtually no worktop space, the lighting is appalling. When we moved in there was green gloss paint everywhere and stencils littering the walls (changing rooms, anyone?)

Here are the before shots, mostly taken when we first viewed the house (brace yourself)...

We've started in what would have been the scullery. We've built a wall and relocated the door to the downstairs toilet room to extend the space. This room was tiny and dark before, so we've replaced the toilet and basin, panelled the walls and painted the ceiling. The area between the toilet room and the main kitchen will be a utility area with the fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher. The floor tiles have been scrubbed of their varnish and re-grouted and the green gloss and stencils have been painted over... hurrah!

In the main kitchen space, the fireplace was covered with odd 'decorative' bricks, coupled with terracotta floor tiles lining the hearth. Last weekend we removed these and re-plastered the surround and it looks so much brighter and bigger! We've also spent the last 3 weekends repairing and stripping the two sets of sash windows. We've replaced 4 panes of glass, replaced the sash pulleys, given everything a good few coats of white satin and have added shiny brass hardware, they are so much brighter as a result! The main one didn't even open before!

This weekend we've hired a floor sander to rid the original floorboards of their tired, orange varnish. Once the kitchen is delivered we're planning to build an island to add additional storage as well as a larder cupboard next to the window. I'll be back soon with a post about our progress!

I've been pinning lots of inspiration to my kitchen board over on pinterest too:


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result! We've just put in a kitchen after living without one for over two months. It's still not totally done but we've got cupboards, counters and and an oven!!! We made do with a camping stove and stored everything in boxes and tubs in the make-shift kitchen. If I ever get back to blogging I'll have to share some pics. x

    1. Yes me too!! Glad to hear you're getting back to normality! Ours arrives in 3 weeks so no doubt we'll have a makeshift area soon! Nice to hear from you, hope you're well x

  2. I love that kitchen. We just renovated ours. The main thing that we did was just replace the cabinets and appliances. We already had granite countertops that were nice so there was really no need to adjust in that area. We are so happy with it and I love cooking now. And that is not something that I liked before.
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  3. I cannot imagine how different your kitchen looks now that you have remodeled it. I know from experience that remodeling your kitchen takes a lot of work and patience, but the new look is always worth the chaos. I hope you were able to find a theme that resembled the original theme you wanted, and I think oatmeal and dark blue colors are a great choice for a kitchen.

  4. I love the ideas that you initially had for your kitchen renovation. I think your kitchen would look nice like that. I would love to see the end result of it all. I really want to renovate the kitchen in my house with black cabinets but I am waiting until I have enough funds.

  5. I am off for a weeks 4WD adventure to Fraser Island tomorrow and on my return I shall share with you the 'after' photos. I love what we have achieved in a small space and how much lighter and brighter it feels.bathroom makeovers

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