May 06, 2016

Are we following each other on Instagram?

I use instagram a lot... pretty much daily in fact.

I love that I can quickly post a moment from my day and also 'get to know' people through their feeds. There are also some pretty amazing feeds out there, where the photography is just awe-inspiring!

I have two feeds and they do quite different things.

@wealdblog is just that, a mini blog of my daily life. The places we go and the things we see, so I'll post photographs of our family, home, garden and diy activities as well as anything I find inspiring.

@wealdstore is my store feed and so it is the best place to find out about new products and offers. I also upload plenty of my travel and lifestyle photographs too. I like that I can use the store feed as a way to interact with like-minded folk and I certainly don't want it to be too sales-y, if that makes sense!

So, are we following each other? If not do follow me so I can find you!


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