September 21, 2016

FAMILY | two

Things I want to remember at two.

Things I want to remember at two...

Lily loves to talk. She is also super bossy.

She loves to run and likes us to run too... "Mummy run... Daddy run".

She hasn't quite mastered jumping yet (it's more of a crouch) but loves to dance, singing "Ballerina" as she stands on tip-toes and spins around the living room.

She is quite particular and likes to tidy her toys or wipe her tray after a meal.

She loves lego, building blocks, playing hide and seek (hiding behind her hands) and reading her books. She's starting to remember her nursery rhymes too.

On her birthday, we opened presents at home and then went to the garden centre because Lily loves flowers... "ooh ooh, sniff it".

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